Monday, May 6, 2019

Goodbye High School, Hello College

This assignment had to had been the hardest and most challenging of all my assignments. Not that I didn't know what I was doing, but for some reason I couldn't get in the rhythm of things. I had difficulty with my lens, lighting and focal point. Even though I made every focal point on the models eyes. But one thing I really do like about my photos were the poses and composition. I thought they were pretty unique.

The composition of the image is eye capturing to me. Also theres a story behind them that is being presented by their scene. It tells the viewer that strength is in their nature.
This image reminds me of a magazine, it simple but mysterious.

I really enjoy looking at simple and effortless images, like this one. The background isn' t distracting but makes him appear more manly. He's a strong man in front of a flower wall, how much more manly can you get.

This is one of my favorites because it seems as if she's getting ready for her future, but still remembering her past.

I like this image because of the color complementary. She looks gorgeous here and at peace.

In this image you clearly get to see her whole body, no limbs are cut off, nothing is growing out of her head, and her body language is appropriate to me the photographer. These types of images I appreciate the most. 

Im in love with this image because I believe it shows women power. Just by her pose and facial expression.

I like this images because she looks beautiful and in control, plus I believe she the lighting is good. 

This is one of my favorite images simply because it represents in my mind black power, and what it takes to have support. Even though the image isn't in clear focus I really think this is a great image. I would like to redo this image at some point.

I chose this because its the every grads way of saying goodbye to your past and hello to your future. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Nature Through my Eyes

Nature is amazing. Looking all around me I see beautiful lines, colors, shades and values, and that's with a single flower pedal. I can only imagine what the entire world looked like when it didn't have humans living on it from space. I think every photography wants to capture the essences of nature, without destruction.  But for me I just want to capture nature the way I see it through my eyes, detailed and effortless.

Caught in Daylight

Lines and Shadows


Purple Rain

Healthy Lunch

A Different Path



Finding the Light

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Strawberry Short Pancake

Backdrop Setting: The setting was in the back of my house with the back door wide open. I placed the food on a wooden palate and spread the variety of fruit and flowers around the wooden palate in a specific pattern. I believe the mood of the morning sunshine, happy feeling. The background contributes to that because it reminds me of the morning and what I hope for in the morning; coffee, pancakes, fruit and bright light.

Lighting: The lighting is natural light which is important because the food is better served in the morning.

Props: The props are effective and appropriate to the setting and involvement in the food photography. It helps set the mood of eating breakfast in the morning and feeling fresh.

Focus: The focus is on the pancakes, which is the main food course. The depth of field isn't very large because it is clearly aimed/focused on the pancakes.

Styling: I love the way the design and appeal of the food makes me feel. It looks appealing to eat and look at.

I love this piece because it isn't something simple as just a pancake on a plate it has color coordination, natural light, props, and elegance.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Ballon Composite

This week we have been focusing on creating new ideas through known pictures, a couple of days ago we thought up of ideas from a picture of floating balloons with a little girl stepping across them. It took me awhile to comprehend this new idea but when I did, it sort of stuck. I thought of taking a picture of a fish and pasting a balloon to it, making it resemble the saying a fish out of water, or the saying similar to when pigs fly. In the process of this image it took a lot of dedication. There were times when I wanted to give up because the image wasn't coming out how i imagined it in my head, but i kept going. After a full week of trying, two fish, and two batteries I finally got the shot I wanted. Its not all perfect and glam but its AMAZING TO ME.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

ATPI 2018

I have learned something strangely new about myself during this contest. I have learned that I underestimate myself so much. I have always put my work and ability down when looking over my pictures but this time, this time is different. I actually love the work I have done this field trip and contest. I feel more creative and more open about my work. Last year I took the same images I always took from the last two years, but this year I went outside my box of ideas and pulled out a couple of tricks that I have never seen before. 

Category: Still Life
Strength: Symmetry and lighting

Category: Fashion
Strength: Lighting, focus and composition

Category: Informal-Environmental Portrait
Strength: Composition, angle, and shutter speed

Category: Formal Studio Portrait
Strength: Shutter speed, focus and color balance

Category: Formal Studio Portrait
Strength: Lighting and composition

Category: Sports Action
Strength: Composition and focus 

Category: Time Exposure
Strength: Lighting, shutter speed and composition

Category: Thematic-Open Book
Strength: Creative and thought-out

Category: Advertising
Strength: Shutter speed and composition

Category: Time Exposure
Strength: Lighting, Shutter speed and composition

Friday, October 12, 2018

Best 5 images of Downtown

The downtown field trip was a success and a disaster. I had taken so many images of my shot list but my brain which make up my creative idea was distracted. But I think my next field trip, which consists of models will help my creativity explore and blossom. Most of my favorite images that I had shot from the field trip ended up being some sort of artistic edit. However, in the meantime here are my favorite images that I shot at our first field trip. 

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Sports Art Diving

Before I began this project I thought to my self, what was going through the diver's head before he took a step off the plank and made a splash? This thought of mine helped create the design of my master piece, thoughts in motion. 
The reason for the low opacity for most of the images and fonts were to show how the diver imagined himself going through the motion, hitting each position, building up his momentum to complete the dive.