Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Strawberry Short Pancake

Backdrop Setting: The setting was in the back of my house with the back door wide open. I placed the food on a wooden palate and spread the variety of fruit and flowers around the wooden palate in a specific pattern. I believe the mood of the morning sunshine, happy feeling. The background contributes to that because it reminds me of the morning and what I hope for in the morning; coffee, pancakes, fruit and bright light.

Lighting: The lighting is natural light which is important because the food is better served in the morning.

Props: The props are effective and appropriate to the setting and involvement in the food photography. It helps set the mood of eating breakfast in the morning and feeling fresh.

Focus: The focus is on the pancakes, which is the main food course. The depth of field isn't very large because it is clearly aimed/focused on the pancakes.

Styling: I love the way the design and appeal of the food makes me feel. It looks appealing to eat and look at.

I love this piece because it isn't something simple as just a pancake on a plate it has color coordination, natural light, props, and elegance.


  1. I adore the even lighting and the way it melds with your background, the placement of your props is so effective truly, and the clarity of the image is so crisp is brings it all together excellently. I think the picture is so well done there are so true critiques, I may have either cut off more of the coffee or had the complete cup, otherwise BEAUTIFUL.

  2. The contrast and color look amazing! You used your props in a great way and you can really see a cropped tight image here. Its beautiful and very creative! Amazing job!

  3. I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS PIECE. It is so simple yet so beautiful. It is clear and enticing to the eye. The color balance is beautiful, the flowers really add to the image. I loved the plate you used and the wood background of the photo. Everything in the image is cohesive and flows together. It is very lovely and now I want pancakes.

  4. I like how the main color is a completely different color than the hot cakes, it really makes the entire picture pop out more. Also the addition of flowers and props really add a touch of sophistication about the picture. Amazing picture.